The Syllabus

The CITA Course consists of an initial online multi-choice Gap Analysis which will help you, and your tutors, to identify your current strengths and weaknesses and those topics on which you will need to focus.

Once this is completed we will give you access to the online workbook containing 26 lesson units spread over 3 modules:


1.1 Reasons for International Trade
1.2 The International Marketing Process
1.3 Sources of Information
1.4 Methods of Information Collection
1.5 Market Selection Strategies


2.1 The Marketing Plan
2.2 Product Development
2.3 International Pricing
2.4 The International Marketing of Services
2.5 Selection, Appointment and Motivation of Agents / Distributors
2.6 Other Channels of Distribution


3.1 The International Order Process
3.2 Legal Aspects of International Supply Contracts
3.3 International Trade Contract Terms & Conditions
3.4 Bonds/ Guarantees
3.5 Incoterm 2000/2010
3.6 International Transport Modes
3.7 Transport Documentation
3.8 Customs Procedures
3.9 Cargo Insurance
3.10 Credit Insurance
3.11 Risk Management
3.12 Payment Procedures
3.13 Foreign Exchange Management
3.14 Structured Trade Finance
3.15 Money Laundering

Throughout the course you will find a wide range of self assessment exercises to test your learning as you progress. You will also be allocated a personal online tutor who can answer your queries and give constructive feedback as you progress through the course.

The final online examination will consist of 50 multi-choice questions spread across all the modules covered in the course.