Information for CITA Delegates

Since 2007, CITA has helped hundreds of trade advisors through the first online trade qualification. Delivered with the Institute of Export, we have been extremely proud to have raised the knowledge and competence of the trade and export profession.


Due to the changing qualification and economic landscape, we have found that there was more demand for a different type of online learning that was more accessible and available in more bite sized chunks so that more trade professionals across the globe could access the learning without the need for a qualification.


Therefore, since April 2017, CITA has been updated and relaunched as Trade & Export Online. No longer a formal qualification, the content has grown and been split into smaller modules making it easier for those who are entering the world of import and export to learn new skills alongside their day to day work.


We are therefore not able to accept any new CITA delegates who are looking at the formal qualification route.


For those delegates still to complete their CITA qualification, the CITA platform is still live and the Institute of Export will still be hosting examinations up to the end of 2017.